"More than superman"

Admit it, when we were kids we used to dream of becoming Superman. The ultimate savior and protector, who flies around saving people as if it was the easiest thing in the world to do. A childish dream, yes, but later as we grew older we realized, Superman dreams of becoming something else, too. He dreamed of becoming an ordinary man, for as he go around saving people he had to sacrifice his family and loved-ones to keep the enemies from learning about them and threatening them. That was when I realized that, no matter how I don a cape or wear my underwear over my pants, I could never and would never dream of becoming him. I would actually like to be more than what a Superman can do, without having to give up the people I love. For Superman's manner of saving has its limits, too. Say an object big enough to kill is about to fall down from a crane. Superman would swoop down to get the person underneath out of the way. If a car is about to collide with another, Superman would definitely heave one to prevent collission from happening. His manner of saving is but a split-second from disaster, but there's a catch. What if two or more objects are about to fall down at the same time, but at different places? Would he really be able to save them all? The ones who work on Safety would be able to. They are from the DOLE, the BWC, OHSC, STO, safety-implementing organizations private or public, and these people make sure that no object will fall because they have tested the crane whether it was safe to use ot not, preventing an accident from happening unlike Superman who will only address the accident at the last minute. These people, from the lowest to the highest ranks of these organizations, aim to promote safety at all times, through trainings, seminars, testings and other safety-related activities, with impartiality, with no delays and definitely no shortcuts. They are the ones who actually do the saving-- ordinary people who do not fly but are always there, sometimes unrecognized and unacklowedged but still working to advocate Zero-Accident at all times. These people are the actually more than a Superman.